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Step inside our world where every hour is a chance to innovate, educate, and grow. We're a crew united by a shared mission: to save businesses from the brink and empower them with marketing know-how. We’re passionate, we’re dedicated, and yes, we’re a tad bit obsessed with all things digital marketing.

What makes you different from digital marketing agencies?​

We’re not your typical marketing team. We’re in this to save 500,000 businesses from going under. And we do it our way. 

We show businesses how to keep their marketing in-house. We don’t just set things up and walk away. We give them the tools and teach them the tricks so they can keep growing on their own.

While a normal agency would think of this as business suicide, we see it as an opportunity to make a real impact in the world — especially with the limited time we have left on this planet.

digital marketing agency team discussing strategies related to what is a digital marketing agency.
4.8 stars out of 116 reviews

Why marketers are flocking to JRR Marketing?​

We value results over time spent. Our team picks when they work, from wherever in the world they call home. Whether it’s the UK, France, or somewhere as chilled as Bali, we’re all about that flexibility.

Meetings? We keep them rare and purposeful because we know time is precious. And when we do get together, it’s all about sharing, learning, and growing, not just clock-watching.

We believe in rewarding hard work, and not just with thanks. We’re talking proper pay for impressive play.

Personal development isn’t just a catchphrase here; it’s woven into our DNA. We provide our team with growth plans, invest in their learning, and even throw in trips that add to their story.

So, why do marketers come to us? Because here, you’re not just earning; you’re learning, growing, and truly being part of a forward-thinking tribe.

fractional leadership is not what you think
4.8 stars out of 116 reviews

Meet the team at JRR Marketing

bere horthy from jrr marketing

Bere Horthy

Digital Growth Specialist


Em Diaz


jan fernandez from jrr marketing

Jan Fernandez

Web Design Specialist

rebecca circle

Rebecca M

Content Specialist


Bey Asuncion

Content Specialist


Jem Cayabyab

Digital Growth Specialist

josiah roche from jrr marketing

Josiah Roche

Fractional CMO

javi from jrr marketing

Javi Asuncion

Content Specialist

taylor lee from jrr marketing

Taylor Lee

Executive Assistant

oj circle

OJ Villacorta

Content Specialist

mary circle

Mary Nguho

Ads Specialist

The story of how we began and why you may want to work with us

Our founder’s tale isn’t your typical rags-to-riches story; it’s richer. Josiah’s journey began with a single desk, a handful of dreams, and a relentless drive. 

He swapped the security of a 9 to 5 for the thrill of entrepreneurship, betting everything on a vision to empower businesses through digital marketing. Fast forward, and that bet has paid off — not just in revenue, but in the thriving community and global team JRR Marketing is today. 

But this story is more than a timeline of success. It’s about the moments of truth, the tough calls, and the unwavering belief in doing things differently. It’s about building not just a business, but a legacy that empowers others.

Keen to dive deeper into Josiah’s story? Discover the full account of how he’s rewriting the rulebook of digital marketing on our About page.

Flexible Hours, No Time Tracking

Choose when and where you work. At JRR Marketing, we believe the best work isn’t clocked — it’s created. So, forget the time tracker, embrace the freedom, and let your productivity soar on your own schedule.

Personal Growth Plans

Every team member at JRR Marketing is on a journey of growth. We craft personalised development plans to help you reach new heights professionally and personally. It’s about evolving, step by step, into the marketer you aspire to be.

Results, Not Hours

We’re focused on the finish line, not the race. Our approach is simple: deliver outstanding results. This means we measure success by the impact you make, not the hours you put in. It’s liberating, and it’s how we thrive.

Diverse and Engaging Clients

Dive into a world where clients bring exciting puzzles to solve, not just tasks to complete. Our clients are as varied as our team, making every project a new adventure. It keeps our days interesting and our work fun.

Innovative Agency Model

We're tearing up the rulebook. JRR Marketing isn’t your typical agency. We partner with brands to build and empower their in-house marketing, creating a ripple effect of success. Be part of a model that’s changing the industry landscape.

4.8 stars out of 116 reviews

Current career openings + apply for digital marketing jobs

Content Specialist

Are you a highly skilled Content Specialist with a flair for creative writing, storytelling, and a solid background in digital marketing? We’re looking for someone to take our blog to the next level, blending engaging content creation with SEO mastery to drive our digital marketing efforts forward.

This unique, fully remote role is perfect for a self-driven, problem-solving individual with a strong proficiency in SEO, Google Ads, and marketing psychology. If you’re passionate about creating content that not only tells a story but also ranks well on search engines, we want you.

As our Digital Growth Specialist, you’re more than just a planner. You’re the backbone of our business, working closely with all fulfilment departments.

Take on a central role where your main focus is creating content that catches attention, fine-tuning Google Ads, improving our SEO, and planning out web design projects.

You’ll have a hand in shaping strategy, using your digital marketing skills to pinpoint exactly what kind of message speaks directly to the needs of our clients’ target market.

Your role is something we can count on to keep projects on track and make sure our clients are always happy with the results, be it leads or sales.

We are on the lookout for a Digital Support Specialist — a dynamic role designed to bridge the gap between project management and digital marketing within our thriving company.

This position is crafted for someone passionate about pushing the envelope in digital marketing, task management, and team support, ensuring that our projects are not only completed on time but also exceed our clients’ expectations.

We’re on the hunt for a Google Ads Specialist who sees the full picture behind every click. This isn’t about tossing keywords into the mix and hoping for the best. It’s about crafting strategies that connect, turning insights into impactful actions, and creating ad copy that resonates.

If you thrive on making campaigns that are not just seen but felt, let’s chat. You’re not just managing; you’re enhancing, refining, and elevating our Google Ads game.

Are you an accomplished content leader with a passion for digital storytelling and a proven track record in SEO and digital marketing? We’re looking for an Editor-In-Chief to guide our content production for both client projects and our own digital platforms. This role is at the heart of our agency’s content strategy, driving the creation of impactful landing pages and engaging blog posts.

As the captain of our content team, you’ll play a crucial role in shaping the narrative and digital presence for a diverse portfolio of clients, as well as our agency’s voice in the industry.

We’re seeking a Head of Digital Growth — a visionary and executor who thrives at the intersection of creativity, strategy, and analytics. This role involves spearheading our digital marketing efforts, from Google Ads to SEO optimisation, and playing a key role in web design projects.

You’ll work with the client, content and web teams to ensure each campaign not only meets but exceeds expectations. You’re not just managing tasks; you’re creating profitable businesses for our clients.