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How this national CPR provider improved bookings by 400% in less than 6 months

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First Aid Pro, a household name in Australia, has been a trailblazer in first aid education for over 20 years. Known for their accredited training and CPR courses, they’re not just educators; they’re lifesavers.

With their claim to fame being the fastest same-day certificates in the country and a wide network across Australia, they’ve always been at the top of their game. But even the best can hit a rough patch, and that’s where their digital journey took a turn.

Sharon, the driving force behind First Aid Pro, was facing a tough challenge. Despite their longstanding reputation, the digital world was moving fast, and competitors were quickly overtaking them. 

The threat was real – they were losing their spot at the top of search engine results, a crucial lifeline for any modern business. Sharon knew they had to act fast to stay in the race.

About FAP

Since its inception over two decades ago, this Australian powerhouse has carved a niche in first aid training and CPR courses. They're not just about teaching; they're about empowering individuals to make a difference in critical situations.With a presence across dozens of locations in Australia, First Aid Pro stands out for its commitment to accessible and efficient learning. They are renowned for their promise of the fastest same-day certificates in the country, a feature that has set them apart in the competitive landscape of first aid education.


What was the solution?

What were the results?​

The transformation was nothing short of a revolution. First Aid Pro’s great product was finally getting the spotlight it deserved. 

A newly minted SEO strategy and laser-focused ads for each location led to an incredible 400% jump in bookings and sales. 

But it didn’t stop there. We upped the game in customer service too, introducing detailed feedback forms and automated responses to make sure every customer journey was as smooth as their learning experience.

  • 400% Increase in Student Bookings in 90 days: The headline statistic, shows a dramatic rise in student sign-ups and course bookings as a direct result of the new digital strategy.
  • 37% Reduction in Google Ads Spend: After optimising the Google Ads campaigns, First Aid Pro saw a significant decrease in their advertising expenditure, leading to more efficient and cost-effective marketing.
  • 147% Growth in Organic Website Traffic: As a result of improved SEO practices, the number of visitors coming to First Aid Pro’s websites from organic search results more than tripled, indicating a strong uplift in online visibility.
  • 59% Improvement in Customer Engagement: Enhanced website content and customer service initiatives led to a notable increase in user interaction, feedback, and overall customer engagement.