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How a learning disability centre increased sign ups by 150% with a strategic digital rebrand

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NeuFocus in the business of changing lives, helping people with learning challenges like dyslexia and ADHD. 

But, while they were making a big difference offline, their online story was a bit of a mess. No one knew about them. That’s where Joanne was when she reached out. 

She had years of experience and a solid brand, but her digital efforts were like shouting into the wind – lots of noise, but not much happening.

We did a deep dive into her website and online presence. The first hiccup? The name, Cognitive Strengthening Centre – a bit of a tongue-twister and not really saying much about what they do. 

Their website was like a party where no one knows why they’re there – no clear message, no spark. 

And the biggest issue? Joanne was playing a game of chance with her website traffic, mostly relying on word-of-mouth, which is about as reliable as the weather.

About NF

NeuFocus, established as a beacon of support and progress in the field of learning disabilities, has been making a significant difference since its inception. As a centre dedicated to helping individuals with challenges like dyslexia, ADHD, and autism, NeuFocus goes beyond being just a service provider. It's a cornerstone in its community, offering specialised programmes designed to enhance focus, attention span, and processing speed.

What was the solution?

So, we rolled up our sleeves and got to work. First up, a name change – NeuFocus – short, sweet, and right to the point. 

We then got our heads together to figure out who we were talking to and how best to chat with them. 

This meant creating a website that wasn’t just a bunch of words on a page, but something that really spoke to people. 

The goal was to make sure when someone googled something related to learning disabilities, NeuFocus popped up.

What were the results?​

The results NeuFocus achieved were strikingly impressive. By overhauling their digital strategy, we saw some solid numbers that really speak for themselves.

First up, engagement with the brand skyrocketed. We’re talking a massive 320% increase. This means people weren’t just visiting the site; they were interacting, staying longer, and really getting involved. It’s like we turned a quiet library into a buzzing coffee shop – full of life and activity.

Then there’s the website traffic. After the rebrand and SEO work, visits to the site went up by an astonishing 180%. It’s as if NeuFocus suddenly became the place to be online for anyone interested in learning disabilities support. More eyes on the page, more people getting the help they need.

Conversions – the real deal when it comes to any website – shot up by 150%. That’s not just more people visiting; that’s more people taking action, signing up, getting involved. It’s the difference between window shoppers and actual customers walking into a shop.

And the icing on the cake? That design award. The website didn’t just function better; it looked amazing too. Winning that award was like getting a five-star review for a Michelin star for a restaurant – it’s recognition that we’re doing things right.

In a nutshell, NeuFocus didn’t just get a new coat of paint; it underwent a full transformation. More engagement, more traffic, more conversions – and an award to boot. It’s a clear sign that when you get your digital strategy spot on, the sky’s the limit.

  • 320% More Engagement: transformed the site into a dynamic hub, significantly increasing user interaction.
  • 180% Increase in Traffic: Drew in a much larger online audience, making NeuFocus a go-to resource.
  • 150% Rise in Conversions: More visitors taking action, translating to real-world impact and sign-ups.
  • Prestigious Design Award: Recognition of the website’s outstanding redesign and user experience.