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How a private sexual health clinic increased sales by 210% through strategic SEO and Google Ads

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Rishabh had a problem. Even though his clinics across the UK were doing okay, something was off. 

They’d tried everything: SEO, Google Ads, you name it. But the issue wasn’t just that the money they were spending wasn’t coming back in sales; it was deeper than that. 

Rishabh felt like none of the marketing agencies they’d worked with really “got” them.

You see, they’d celebrate little wins, like a few clicks on Google Ads, brand awareness on social media or some decent keyword rankings. 

But when it came to the big picture—actually getting more appointments and helping the clinic grow—nothing was happening. It was like trying to fill a bucket with a hole in it.

And to make things worse, they didn’t seem to care that much. It was all about clicks and keywords, not about Clarewell’s real goal: to get more patients through the door.

The agencies were nice enough, but Rishabh started to feel like just another client to them. Another box to check off their to-do list. 

What he really needed was someone who would dig deep, understand the clinic’s unique challenges, and help them figure out a full strategy. 

In short, he wasn’t looking for just another agency; he was looking for a partner. So, Clarewell Clinics found themselves at a crossroads. 

Stick with what wasn’t working but was comfortable, or go out and find that strategic marketing partner who’d really help them get to the next level. 

It was time for a change, a time to find someone who cared as much about filling Clarewell’s appointment book as Rishabh did.

About Clarewell

Clarewell Clinics is an award-winning sexual health clinic in the UK. They offer all kinds of services, from prevention to treatment and advice. People who go there often trust the clinic and keep coming back, because they feel understood and well-cared-for; unlike mainstream alternatives.

What was the solution?

What were the results?​

Rishabh’s Clarewell Clinics, already renowned for their outstanding commitment and accolades in healthcare, had a vision: they wanted to be as remarkable online as they were offline. They teamed up with us to turn that vision into a reality.

Together, we witnessed some astounding changes. The traffic to their website skyrocketed by a jaw-dropping 3245%. 

But more clicks didn’t just mean more eyes on their page. Their presence in search results leapt up by 3188%, making them a prominent name when people looked for healthcare solutions online.

This wasn’t a case of quantity over quality, either. Those clicks and searches weren’t just fleeting visits. 

They turned into genuine interactions and relationships. This was clear when Clarewell’s conversions surged by 210%Every month, Clarewell saw a steady rise, growing by 10%.

Now, Clarewell isn’t just known as a top-tier healthcare institution. They’ve carved out a name for themselves as pioneers online. 

They seamlessly combined their unwavering dedication to healthcare with a sharp online strategy, forging impactful online relationships and lasting results.