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3 Reasons Why You Can’t Ignore Google Ads Brand Campaigns

google ads brand campaign

If you’re in the business of driving traffic and boosting conversions, you can’t ignore Google Ads brand campaigns. 

Failing to use brand campaigns is like leaving money on the table. 

And if you’re like most people who already rank #1 for your search terms, it makes absolutely no sense to run brand campaigns, right?

It’s time to set the record straight and explain the power of brand campaigns in Google Ads. 

The #1 objection people have running Google Ads brand campaigns

Many business owners come to me and ask why they should even run brand campaigns when they’re already ranking #1 on search results.

It’s a valid question. 

And if you’re in the same boat, it’s likely holding you back from more opportunities.

Here’s the deal. 

You’ve built your organic ranking over time — kudos to you for that. 

But relying solely on organic ranking is like owning a sports car and never driving it past 55.

You’re not pushing it to its full potential, not exploiting its full power.

Sure, your brand might be on the first page of search results. 

But are you sure that your page will get the clicks? No.

Fact is, even with an impressive organic ranking, your brand is competing with paid ads that appear above the organic results. 

Which brings me to the first reason why you should run Google Ads brand campaigns.

Reason #1: Competitors can bid on your brand keywords

image 71
Image 71

First, here’s something you might not know. 

Your competitors can, and most likely are, bidding on your brand keywords. 

Yes, you read that right. They’re intercepting your sales opportunities  (traffic) that you’ve worked tirelessly hard for. 

Fair game, I say. 

And the reality is that there’s no way to prevent this unless you’ve trademarked your brand name.  

Your potential customers who are so busy and impatient that they’re more likely to click on the first few listings they see.

Note: if you’re interested in the psychology of why this happens, it has something to do with primal instincts (hunting and gathering). 

If your competitors start bidding on your brand keywords, it’s like inviting random guests to a party. 

People see the sign out front, but they’re lured away by the flashy party next door.

This is where you can use brand campaigns to your advantage. 

Instead of the world dictating how you’re shown on search results, you can take control into your own hands.

You can secure that prime position by bidding on your own brand keywords.

Which brings me to the second reason.

Reason #2: You have control over what content your visitors see

Here’s the problem with organic results — Google determines the most relevant landing page for the user. 

With a Google Ads branding campaign, you’re in the driver’s seat. 

You decide on the landing page. 

You can ensure your visitors are shown the content you want them to see.

Whether that’s showing them a new product launch, special offers, or top-selling services that haven’t ranked well with SEO yet.

Control over landing pages is the main thing I want you to focus on here and I can’t stress this enough.

There are so many times when a client thinks that their service page is ranking for a certain keyword. But are shocked to find out that one of their blog articles is taking the cake and ranking for that keyword instead.

Brand campaigns solve this problem because you get to dictate the page that’s shown for that keyword using Google Ads.

You show them what they (and you) want to see, and you can expect better conversions.

Reason #3: You get more data from assisted conversions

image 70
Source: Marin Software

When people decide to buy something online, they don’t usually click on an ad and make a purchase instantly. 

Some steps lead them to the final decision.

This is where the concept of ‘assisted conversions’ comes into play. 

Let’s say you’re playing a game of football (or soccer as we call it here in Australia). 

You pass the ball to a teammate, who then passes it to another, who finally scores a goal by receiving it. 

While the last person scored, your first friend helped — or ‘assisted’ — in making that goal happen. 

In Google Ads, ‘assisted conversion’  helps you understand what happened.

It looks at all the different ways people found your website, not just the last one. 

It shows you if someone clicked on your ad, left, and returned through a different ad or search.

Now, how does it relate to you running a Google Ads brand campaign?

You get more data.

The insights you get from running this campaign help you make smarter decisions about your advertising because it shows you assisted conversion data (unlike SEO).

Let’s say your conversions improved when people saw your Google Ad first rather than your home page in the search result.

From there, you can develop strategies to improve your marketing efforts.

If you want an even better way to understand where people came from before they purchased, I highly recommend using WhatConverts.

Get started on your Google Ads brand campaigns today

Ignoring Google Ads brand campaigns is a marketing misstep that could cost you dearly. 

We’ve talked about the three inescapable reasons why these campaigns should be mandatory in your Google Ads strategy..

  • First, there’s the undeniable truth of competition. Your competitors are bidding on your brand keywords. They’re intercepting the traffic you’ve worked hard to attract. Are you really going to stand by and let them steal your sales?
  • Secondly, you need to be in control of your landing pages. Relying solely on organic rankings leaves your customers’ journey to the whims of Google’s algorithm. With a brand campaign, you decide where a click takes your visitor. It basically allows you to tailor the user experience and guide them towards conversion.
  • And finally, there’s the often-overlooked matter of tracking assisted conversions. The insight you get from looking at how your customer came to the final purchase is gold. 

So, don’t get comfortable with just ‘ranking’ and appearing on the first page of search results. 

Take advantage of Google Ads brand campaigns and get more from your advertising efforts.

Josiah is a multi-award-winning digital marketing consultant and former journalist for the Australia Times. He now helps 6-7-figure brands as a Fractional CMO to generate predictable leads and sales growth.​

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