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Guest Blog Guidelines

Thank you for considering a collaboration with JRR Marketing Blog. Here, we're laser-focused on empowering high-achieving business decision-makers and savvy digital marketers. Before you begin, it's very important that you understand our guidelines (or your article may be rejected). They exist to maintain the clarity and expertise our audience expects and values.

Our audience

 1) Decision-makers

From local and professional services to eCommerce, and tech. They’re revenue-rich, time-poor, and thirsty for superior marketing strategies.

 2) Marketers + DIYers 

Entrepreneurs, Freelancers and SME owners currently dabbling in digital marketing but craving mastery.


Red flags

 Over Promotion 

Focus on value, not selling. You’ll have a dedicated bio space for self-promotion.

 Repeated Content 

If it’s been said before, seek a fresh angle or a deeper insight. We reject articles that are published elsewhere.

two business owners in a coffee shop, reviewing documents and a digital tablet, possibly discussing their digital marketing consultant's advice on improving their business strategy.

Writing guidelines

While we don’t specifically ask whether AI assisted in your article’s creation, you are accountable for the originality and accuracy of your submission. Make sure your facts are spot-on and sources are appropriately cited. Lack of proper citation or factual discrepancies could lead to article rejection.


A minimum of 1,500+ words is required. We value depth here.​


Prioritise long-tail keywords with search volume. We do not expect you to stuff keywords. Keep it natural.


Your piece should be as unique as your perspective. Once published here, it's a JRR Marketing exclusive. Once it's published, it can't be published elsewhere.


Use a clear structure with appropriate subheadings for SEO (H1, H2, H3, etc.). Incorporate bullet points where relevant and keep your sentences no longer than 15 words. All content must be in AU/UK English.


Let's talk with our readers, not at them. Be conversational, be authoritative, be the expert they're seeking. Support your points with evidence. Analogies and metaphors can be used for clarity, but ensure they aren’t cliché or cheesy.


Deep dives into SEO, digital marketing, Google ads, and the psychology behind it all. Seek the uncharted territories. Give practical examples. Always aim to offer actionable insights and strategies.


High-res images or insightful screenshots that help explain your narrative. Please compress your images beforehand. We recommend TinyPNG.


Internal: Ensure you include at least 5 relevant links to articles from our blog.

External: A minimum of 2 relevant external links to support information in the article. These must be supporting evidence from case studies or other reputable websites.

Backlinks: You can include up to two backlinks to your website, but only in the lower 2/3rds of the article.

Anchor Text: Should be unique and contextually relevant.


Refrain from sales-oriented conclusions. Avoid headers like "Conclusion". Get creative with your choice of words. Start sections with continuation statements such as "That said", "Considering X", "In light of", etc.

Submit your article below

  • Your bio —In your 50-100-word bio, introduce yourself to our community. Attach a professional image and a link (your choice: website or social media).​
  • Confirmation — We acknowledge every submission. If you don’t hear back from us within a few days, please send a reminder. Occasionally, emails can get lost in the shuffle or caught in spam filters.
  • Review Process — Our editorial team meets every week to discuss new submissions. Expect feedback within a few weeks regarding the acceptance of your article or if we choose to pass.


We’re interested in insightful articles that offer unique perspectives on SEO, digital marketing, Google Ads, and consumer psychology. Our audience consists of decision-makers and digital marketers who are hungry for advanced strategies and actionable insights. Think of deep dives into uncharted territories, not surface-level advice. If you can give practical examples and strategies, you’re on the right track.

We enforce a 1,500-word minimum because we value in-depth content that thoroughly explores the subject matter. A longer article also gives you the opportunity to include valuable long-tail keywords and delve into complexities that shorter articles simply can’t cover. It’s not just about meeting a word count; it’s about providing exceptional value to our readers.

You’re allowed to include up to two backlinks to your own website, but they should appear in the lower two-thirds of the article. This ensures that the article focuses on providing value upfront and that any self-promotion is subtle and appropriate.

Our editorial team meets weekly to discuss new submissions. You can expect feedback within a few weeks regarding the acceptance of your article or if we choose to pass on it. If you haven’t heard back within a few days of submitting, feel free to send us a reminder.

If your article is not a fit for our blog, you’ll be notified during our review process. While it’s disappointing, this is often an opportunity for you to refine your piece and consider other platforms that might be more aligned with your content.

Once your article is published on JRR Marketing Blog, it becomes exclusive to our platform and should not be published elsewhere. This is crucial for maintaining the originality and SEO value of the content for both parties involved.

Over-promotion and repeated content are the major red flags. Focus on providing value rather than selling your services or products. Also, we require unique perspectives, so if your article resembles something already published, it will likely be rejected.

Please include at least 5 relevant internal links to articles from our blog, and a minimum of 2 external links to support the information in your article. These external links must be from reputable sources, such as case studies or industry research.

Yes, you can include a 50-100 word bio where you introduce yourself to our community. Attach a professional image and a link of your choice, either to your website or a social media profile. This is your opportunity to engage our readers and invite them to learn more about you.

We value a conversational yet authoritative tone. Think of it as having a professional discussion with our audience, where you come off as the expert they’re seeking. Use clear and concise language, and support your claims with evidence. Feel free to incorporate analogies and metaphors for clarity, but avoid clichés.

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