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Google Ads Budget Calculator

Using a google ads budget calculator can help businesses figure out how much to invest in Google Ads and make sure that their money is being used as efficiently as possible. It's a great tool for businesses that want to get an accurate estimate of their ad spend and figure out what kind of budget they need to allocate.

What's your average CPC? i This is your industry's average cost per click. Try Google Keyword Planner to find out.

What's your landing page's conversion rate? i If you don't know your conversion rate, see your industry average here.

How many sales/leads do you want per day? i The number of conversions you want to achieve (from Google Ads) in a day.

Your ideal budget is:


(Cost per conversion)




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Stop guessing and start knowing your Google Ads ROI

You’re tired of throwing your marketing dollars into Google Ads without a clear idea of the return. What if you could know exactly how much to spend to achieve your sales or lead goals? Our calculator uses advanced algorithms but presents you with simple, easy-to-understand numbers. Give our free Google Ads budget calculator a try. Know your ROI before you spend a single dollar more.

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Get your Google Ads budget right, finally

You’ve heard the saying: you have to spend money to make money. But how much should you actually be spending on Google Ads? It’s easy to sink money into campaigns without a clear plan, hoping for the best. But the uncertainty can take its toll. Imagine knowing exactly how much to spend to get the leads or sales you need. Our free Google Ads budget calculator does just that. Plug in your metrics and get an actionable roadmap for your ad spend.

4.8 stars out of 116 reviews

Google Ads Budget Calculator FAQs

A Google Ads calculator helps you determine the Return on Investment (ROI) you can expect from your ad campaigns. If you’re new to Google Ads or struggling to understand how your budget translates into results, this tool is a game-changer. It eliminates guesswork, letting you know how much you need to spend to hit your sales or lead targets.

Our calculator uses advanced algorithms to provide reliable estimates based on the metrics you input—like Average Cost Per Click (CPC) and landing page conversion rates. While the calculator provides an informed projection, actual outcomes can vary due to a range of factors like market changes and competition.

You’ll need your average CPC, landing page’s conversion rate, and the number of sales or leads you aim to achieve per day. If you’re not sure how to get these numbers, your Google Ads and analytics platforms can provide them.

Absolutely, this Google Ads calculator is free. Our aim is to make Google Ads more transparent and manageable for everyone, regardless of budget size.

Improving your landing page’s conversion rate involves A/B testing different elements like headlines, call-to-actions, and visuals. Consistently monitoring your analytics will also give you insights into user behaviour, which can guide your optimisation efforts.

CPC stands for Cost Per Click, which is the average amount you pay each time someone clicks your ad. A lower CPC usually means a better ROI, as you’re spending less for each visitor directed to your landing page. However, a lower CPC isn’t always better if those clicks aren’t converting into leads or sales.

While our calculator provides a reliable snapshot based on current metrics, it’s essential to note that many external factors like market changes and competitor strategies can affect your long-term ROI. It’s advisable to update your numbers regularly for the most accurate long-term planning.

Numerous variables can lead to a difference between projected and actual results, including changes in your industry, shifts in customer behaviour, or new competitors. It’s vital to regularly update your metrics for the most accurate, up-to-date projections.

The frequency depends on your advertising strategy. If you’re constantly tweaking campaigns or testing new markets, it might be helpful to use the calculator more frequently. If your campaigns are stable, a monthly check-in could suffice.

Even if you’re working with a consultant, understanding the basic metrics that influence your ROI can make your conversations more productive. Our calculator helps you get a quick snapshot, making it easier for you to understand the advice or strategies your consultant is recommending.

Absolutely. We understand that advertising needs can vary significantly based on location. Whether you’re looking to target customers in Sydney, Melbourne, or any other city, our location-specific services are designed to meet your unique needs. Explore our Google Ads Sydney Services or Discover PPC Melbourne for more information.

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4.8 stars out of 116 reviews