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How this home improvement business spent 60% less on leads while tripling conversions

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service truck of a home improvement business parked in a suburban area, ideal for home services marketing.

Green T has a solid reputation in home maintenance, but their online ads? Just average.

They’d put out different landing pages, tried various ad tactics, but the results were always lukewarm. It’s like having a top-of-the-line sports car that’s not running as fast as it should.

They weren’t new to this game. They’d been around the block with other agencies and freelancers, but kept hitting the same wall.

The feedback was always the same: “It’s okay, but it could be better.” The issue wasn’t just the ads themselves; it was about connecting with their audience in a way that made them act.

They were missing that crucial element that makes someone say, “Yes, this is the company I want to go with.”

This is a pain point I see a lot. Businesses know they have something great to offer, but their marketing doesn’t do it justice.

They end up feeling like they’re just another client on an agency’s to-do list, not getting the personalised attention they need. That’s exactly what was happening with my client.

About GT

Green T Services, a family-led company since 2007, stands as a beacon of excellence in home maintenance and improvement in Chicagoland. Serving over 99,000 customers, they're more than just a service provider; they're a part of the community. Offering a wide range of services, from lawn care to carpet cleaning, Green T has always been a name synonymous with quality and trust.

What was the solution?

What were the results?​

In just the first week, we saw Green T’s conversion rates triple. Their cost per acquisition (CPA) dropped by over 60%.

That’s like getting more for less – a lot more. And it wasn’t a one-time fluke. Conversions kept improving, up by 40%.

Their average landing page conversion rate jumped to almost 12%. The click-through rates (CTR) for their ads? Up by nearly 70%.

This shift meant Green T started attracting more of the right kind of customers. Not just window shoppers, but people ready to book their services. It turned their online marketing from a headache into a powerhouse.

For any business, these kinds of results are a dream. It’s not just about getting more clicks; it’s about getting the right clicks. This is what happened with Green T Services. They went from having average online ads to ones that brought in quality leads, consistently.

  • Tripled conversion rates in the first week.
  • Reduced CPA by 61.56%.
  • Improved conversions by 40%.
  • Landing page conversion rates at 11.69%.
  • CTR improvement of 69.83%.

In essence, Green T Services’ story is a classic example of how the right approach can turn around your online marketing, making it as effective and respected as your real-world business.