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How This eCommerce Site Achieved 765% ROAS through Google Ads & SEO Marketing

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Bargains Online, an Australian e-commerce giant, faced a crossroads.

After three years with a marketing agency that played fast and loose with metrics and results, they were disillusioned. Their investment in Google Ads and SEO felt like a black hole, draining resources with little return.

They craved honesty, efficiency, and tangible results. They chose JRR Marketing for a bespoke approach, weary of agencies that treated them as just another contract.

They sought our expertise for a personalised approach, desperate to escape the cycle of underwhelming, transactional agency relationships. Their story was a familiar one: a thriving business hamstrung by lackluster digital strategies, yearning for a revival.

About BO

Starting in 2004 as a modest pool table retailer, Bargains Online grew into an Amazon-esque powerhouse. Their catalogue ballooned to over 34,000 products, ranging from household items to toys. Operating from a sprawling Sydney warehouse, they supplied Australia-wide, but their digital presence lagged behind their physical growth.

What was the solution?

What were the results?​

The results, over an eight-month period (although we’re still going strong at 13+ months of working together), were a testament to our strategic and data-driven approach. Our efforts yielded a remarkable 765% ROAS, signaling the effectiveness and efficiency of our optimised ad campaigns.

This was not just an improvement; it was a complete transformation in their advertising ROI.

We witnessed a 69% increase in Google Ads conversions. These were genuine, tangible sales, a stark contrast to the inflated and misleading figures they had previously been fed.

This uptick in conversions was a direct result of our strategic ad placements and refined targeting.

Organic traffic surged by an impressive 173%. This spike was not incidental but the outcome of our relentless focus on SEO, content enhancement, and topical authority.

We successfully widened their digital footprint, bringing Bargains Online to the forefront of more potential customers.

Moreover, organic sales transactions increased by 53%. This was particularly significant, as it indicated not just increased traffic, but a higher conversion rate from that traffic – a clear sign that our SEO efforts were attracting the right audience.

  • Achieved a 765% return on ad spend.
  • Boosted Google Ads conversions by 69%.
  • Organic traffic increased by 173%.
  • Elevated organic sales transactions by 53%.

In summary, Bargains Online’s partnership with JRR Marketing marked a pivotal chapter in their digital journey. Our targeted, transparent approach to digital marketing not only restored their faith in the power of online advertising but also set a new benchmark for their business growth.