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How this local dentist saw a 902% ROI through a hyper-targeted Google Ads strategy

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Judith first came to us with a heavy heart. She had wandered from one dental marketing agency to another, each time hoping for understanding, but was met with disappointment. 

The agencies she’d previously dealt with seemed to be deaf to her concerns – constantly advocating for outdated promotional gimmicks and generic discounts that didn’t reflect Elevate Dental’s true essence. 

The impersonal, cookie-cutter Google Ads and the lack of genuine strategy left Judith feeling overlooked. 

She didn’t just want another agency; she needed a partner, someone who could see the fears and desires of patients like hers, a team that could capture the spirit of Elevate Dental.

About Elevate Dental

Right in the heart of Eastern Melbourne, you'll find Elevate Dental - a well-loved family and cosmetic dental practice. Not only are they an esteemed member of the Australian Dental Association (ADA) and the HDAA, but they're also steadfast champions of preventive treatment. They're all about creating beautiful smiles and preserving your oral health. The partnership they build with their patients is rooted in warmth, understanding, and a dedication to long-lasting, fruitful results.

What was the solution?

Knowing how tough it is to stand out in Melbourne’s crowded health market, we crafted a bespoke strategy tailored just for Elevate Dental. 

We wanted to highlight how special their services without offering cheap gimmicks and discounts – because we know people aren’t just looking for any dentist, but one you can trust, one that’s affordable, and one that understands them.

We poured our hearts into designing ads that resonate. Instead of using fancy marketing jargon, we focused on what you truly care about – genuine offers, quality dentistry services you need, and real reviews from other Melbournites. 

Every ad was refined and tweaked to make sure it felt just right for you, not just any generic ad you’d scroll past.

We didn’t just rely on the usual tricks. We amplified our efforts with features designed to grab your attention: exclusive deals, a detailed list of services, and feedback from others who’ve been in your shoes.

But we also know trust is important. So, we made sure every click is genuine. 

By monitoring the results and filtering out any misleading clicks, we ensured that every dollar Elevate Dental spent reached someone like you, who truly wants the best dental care Melbourne has to offer.

What were the results?​

The fruits of our labour were nothing short of extraordinary.

Elevate Dental saw an astronomical 902.84% return on investment, with profits soaring into six figure months. 

The good news keeps coming, too, with a steady rise in leads by 28%, month after month. 

The landing pages we designed turned out to be a massive hit, pulling in so many leads that Judith invited us to infuse the main website with the same CRO strategy

We can’t wait to turn the website into a high-powered lead-generating machine, so stay tuned – the best is yet to come!