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How this NDIS provider used digital marketing to go from $0 to $3 million in two years

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Nick was buzzing with excitement about OnTrack Tasmania. He had big dreams: he wanted it to be Tasmania’s leading NDIS provider to help those in need.

But there was a problem. Nick didn’t have a website, any sort of online presence or branding in place. 

And with a tradeshow on the horizon, he was worried. “How will people find me?” he wondered.

I jumped in, “A website, Nick. That’s your ticket. It’ll be your handshake to the world.”

Starting from ground zero, I dug deep into the digital world for him. I studied his competitors, figured out the best SEO tricks, and checked out local listings. 

With all that information, we crafted a master plan. A best-in-class website combined with a bulletproof SEO strategy.

 One that would get OnTrack Tasmania in front of participants, coordinators, agencies, and even families all over Tasmania. And just like that, Nick’s dream was set in motion.

About OnTrack

OnTrack Tasmania helps Tasmanians on the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). They aid in providing equal access to employment, housing, and community activities. They specialise in non-traditional disabilities and SIL support.​

What was the solution?

What were the results?​

Nick’s success didn’t come easy. He put in tons of hard work and dedication to make his business what it is today. 

When I first met Nick, he was just starting out with a small budget and limited resources. 

But he quickly realised the power of digital marketing and dove into online promotion, attending tradeshows and local events whenever he could. 

With consistent effort and dedication, Nick was able to scale his business up to $3 million — something he never thought possible. 

We kept in touch as he grew, and I was really proud to see him reach that milestone. 

Today, Nick’s business has grown even further and is now worth over $20 million. He has in-house marketing teams now handling all the digital promotion and is a true success story.